1. On class, id and data HTML element attributes for frontend developers

    Posted by Roman Seidelsohn

    In this article, I share what I learned from thinking about and discussing the usage of some special HTML element attributes Read the full story on how we use class, id and data attributes.

  2. Web Performance Techniques - Fonts and Images

    Posted by Ben Clark

    An introduction to some of the techniques we have recently used to improve the web performance of fonts and images on our pages Read the full article.

  3. Control security response headers with ExpressJS and HelmetJS

    Posted by Roman Seidelsohn

    In this article, I share what I learned from improving the security-related response headers sent by our ExpressJS server. Read the full story on how we configured Helmet.

  4. NodeJS Run and Debug in VS Code

    Posted by Roman Seidelsohn

    This article explains how we enabled the free code editor Visual Studio Code to run a debugging session for our server side JS during development Read the full story of how we achieved this.

  5. Briefing Creator – an adventure in Google Apps Script

    Posted by Clive Murray

    Writing a GoogleDoc-to-HTML-email generator using Google Apps Script and regular expressions Read more.

  6. Four Probe Testing

    Posted by Jasmine Myer

    Four standard testing techniques that we found useful in combination Read more.

  7. Using Travis CI to deploy to Cloud Foundry

    Posted by Jasmine Myer

    A run-through on how we got Travis CI to deploy to our Cloud Foundry stack Read more.

  8. Software Practice Advancement 2017 review

    Posted by Mariano Gardellini

    A teaser of SPA17 Read more.

  9. Towards an arithmetic of sets

    Posted by Felix Dilke

    Report on Project Bewl, an ambitious maths-based 10% time project Read more.

  10. SoCraTes UK 2017

    Posted by Phil Meredith

    My experience at SoCraTes (un)conference Read more.

  11. Automated accessibility testing with Travis CI

    Posted by Andrew Mee

    Using Pa11y CI to make accessibility tests a key part of your Node.js application's development Read more.

  12. Being a deaf developer

    Posted by Hollie Kay

    On accessibility as a philosophy of problem-solving for everyone. Read more.

  13. A New Name

    Posted by Springer Nature Development Team

    The teams that contribute to Cruft are now part of a new company. Read about Springer Nature.

  14. Complex Routing Logic with Thundermole

    Posted by Rowan Manning

    An insight into how we run our Nature journals beta program using Thundermole. Learn about our beta program.

  15. Simple Feature Flagging with Bandiera

    Posted by Darren Oakley

    Bandiera is a simple, stand-alone feature flagging service that is not tied to any existing web framework or language. Read more about Bandiera.

  16. Time-based comparisons of WebPageTest results

    Posted by Phil Booth

    Natural variation in network performance can make reliably comparing historical WebPageTest results tricky. Learn how webpagetest-mapper makes it more straightforward.

  17. Introducing WebPageTest-mapper

    Posted by Phil Booth

    WebPageTest-mapper is an open-source tool that transforms WebPageTest result data into a range of useful charts and spreadsheets. Find out more about WebPageTest-mapper.

  18. Browser Rounding and Fractional Pixels

    Posted by Alex Kilgour

    How browsers calculate percentages and fractional pixels. Read more about fractional pixels.

  19. Centralised Logging with Rsyslog

    Posted by Darren Oakley and Phil Cowans

    How we use simple UNIX tools to stream our application logs to a central location. Read more.

  20. RUM waterfall charts with the W3C Resource Timing API

    Posted by Phil Booth

    Extract resource timings from your users' browsers and generate waterfall charts from the data. Learn how to generate RUM waterfall charts.

  21. Command-line utilities with Node.js

    Posted by Glynn Phillips

    An overview of command-line interfaces and using node.js to create command-line utilities. Read more.

  22. Supporting the technology community - Codebar

    Posted by George Sheppard

    Codebar is a non profit organisation helping to encourage diversity in the technology industry. Read more about Codebar.

  23. Introducing boomcatch

    Posted by Phil Booth

    Boomcatch is a standalone, node.js-based beacon server for boomerang, the foremost client-side RUM library. Read more about boomcatch.

  24. Accessibility Testing With pa11y

    Posted by Rowan Manning

    An overview of using the pa11y accessibility testing tool to find issues with your web pages. Learn how to use pa11y.

  25. Welcome

    Posted by Springer Nature Development Team

    Welcome to Cruft, the Macmillan Science and Education development blog. Read about Cruft.